12 September 2011

Tips For Watching Dolphin at Lovina Beach

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have you ever heard about Lovina Beach in Bali? if you haven't. i will telling you some information about Lovina beach. this beach is located in the north of Bali Island. it's very easy to find a luxurious hotel around the beach. you are a back packer? guest house with enough facilities is available in Lovina beach.

the other reason make Lovina beach become popular is because of lovina beach has dolphin population. there is a good relationship between dolphins and human around Lovina beach. i also ever known the fisherman story for the dolphin. Lovina fisherman still using the traditional equipment to catch the fishes. some time, when they lose their way, the dolphins always come and give help to showing the direction to go to the beach. that's why Lovina fisherman never ever disturbing the dolphins.

and because of this good relationship, now they feel lucky to have a beach with many dolphins. hundred of tourist come to Lovina beach just to see the dolphin in wild life. today the fisherman has other side job in lovina beach. early morning they transporting tourist to see dolphins and go fishing in the afternoon.

some tips about dolphin watching tour to thinking:
1. it need many hours drive from kuta/nusa dua area. so you can't go directly to watch the dolphin from those area. better to over night in a hotel or guest house. hotels range price Rp. 250.000 - Rp. 500.000/night.
2. please read the weather forecast before you make a decision to watch dolphins. because if the wave is too high, i think it's hard to find dolphins.
3. every hotel around Lovina beach arrange for dolphin watching tour you can reserved a day before after you arrive in that hotel.
4. wake up early in the morning around 4 am/4.30 am to prepare your self. most of the program will start at 5/6 am.
5. better you bring a water resistance camera to minimize the risk.
6. be patient! you see the dolphins in a wild life. if you have more lucky you will find many dolphins. but the guide will always try to make you satisfied. so, no worries guys.

that's the tips from me! if you have another tips, i please you to share in comment form..

happy holiday guys..!

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