10 September 2011

Amazing View From Kintamani

Foto from google.com
Kintamani is one of mountain range in Bali Island. With amazing view of Batur volcano and the lake. Lake Batur is the largest lake in Bali Island. Kitamani is one of many interesting place where you can visit to spend your holiday in Bali. if you
like traveling to see the nature panorama, kintamani area is the best choice. Surprisingly when you ask for best tour package with your travel agent in Bali Island, most of them will telling you to visit Kintamani and Batur volcano. Maybe one of their reasons is because during your tour to Kintamani you can get a lot of tourist attraction, traditional villages and some Bali garden or rice field.

Kintamani is located in Bangli regency. From Denpasar City you will need about 2 hours driving until you get there. You will passing 2 regencies in your tour to Kintamani, first is Gianyar regency, than Bangli regency.

There is some villages surrounding Kintamani area such as:
- Kedisan village
- Songan village
- Buahan village
- Abang village
- Sukawana village
- Kintamani village
- Trunya village (also common as tourist destination)

Kintamani area is about 160 km2 wide. 15.000 peoples live around kintamani area and they work as farmer and fisherman. Because the blooming of tourism sector in Kintamani, most of them to day work as a seller, tattoo service, restaurant, villa and many others.

Batur volcano it self has erupted about 24 times during early year 1800. Many damage happen as long as it eruption. You can see the larva stripe from kintamani area. Until today Batur volcano is still active .

If you traveling to Kintamani area, don’t be worries about eating, because you can easily to find restaurant in right or left side of Kintamani area. Most of them serve buffet service. If you would like to have ala carte service just coming to the restaurant first and ask them about kind of service available in their restaurant. As I know, range price of buffet in Kintamani area is starting from Rp. 70.000 – Rp. 150.000/person. You will enjoy a romantic lunch with beautiful view of Batur volcano and Lake.

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