11 September 2011

Enjoying Water Sport at Tanjung Benoa

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Fun, Fun, and Fun...
absolutely you come to Bali island to have fun and get relax. if you like an active tour packages which give you and your family a new chance, some water sport program in Tanjung Benoa Bali can be your best choice to do.

Tanjung Benoa Bali or Benoa Peninsula is the center of water sport in Bali. its located around Nusa Dua Area. tourist from world wide come to try all programs they provide in Tanjung Benoa such as: Parasailing, Banana Boat, Jet ski, Glass Bottom boat, flying fish etc.

you don't need to make a reservation if wanna try the following water sport programs. just come on the spot! at the beach there are many water sport operator which will bring you their special prices. this time no bargaining, cause they only have a fix price. the price will include safety equipment and a small lunch. but it still depend on the operator. every water sport operator have their own packages

make sure your body is fit before doing water sport. thinking about the weather condition too. if you not sure to do this, don't be hesitate to ask the guide.

happy holiday guys..!

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